By Trey Kodman

Trying to stay dry this rainy season for an hour or three, or avoid the sounds of construction on campus? The Walk & Talk tour at the Museum of Natural and Cultural History at the University of Oregon is at 2 pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

By Kristian Trey Kodman

“It was a very radical thing for me to do, for anyone in my high school to do, which was really strange.”

Jacob Beeson had lived his entire childhood with a buzzcut until his senior year at Manzama High School in Klamath Falls, Oregon. …

By Trey Kodman

“Motocross racing is brutal. You get lots of broken bones.”

From the look and demeanor of James Wilson, a regional professional motocross racer living in Eugene, Oregon, his answer matched for what story he would use to introduce himself to strangers at a bar. …

By Kristian Trey Kodman

Portland, Oregon’s nicknames such as Paris of the Pacific, Beervana, and Little Beruit can be fun. However, Portland has not always rung bells for progressive counter-cultures and cliche startup businesses. Portland is also known for being the whitest per capita more than any other major city…

Is this the revolution or just vandalism?

(Taken at Lane Community College in February 2017, this two-part message on the lid of a trash can at the LTD bus stop appeared less than a month after the inauguration of Donald Trump as U.S. President.)

The act of graffiti is best known for marking territory between rivalries and delivering messages to any who may read it. Meanwhile, police departments are under siege with protests, bringing out all types of activists. …

What is happening to my newsletter?

Chris Martenson, Ph.D. (Photo credit: Peak Prosperity) The best friend an academic mind can have during a pandemic.

In some ways, this online publication is turning into a weekly COVID-19 hero highlight, which I am not personally upset over. There is one particular individual that I believe deserves special recognition during this global pandemic, though. Chris Martenson, Ph.D., …

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